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Our boomerangs are made from aircraft grade or hardwood cherry plywood pending availability and pending the boomerang style ordered. Some of our boomerang shapes and sizes fly noticebly better with Cherry Ply rather than the Aircraft Grade."....

Also Note: Due to continuing product development and improvement, some boomerang shapes may not be exactly as shown.

“You must be a responsible adult and at least 18 years of age to order from this site”

Cryderman Boomerangs are the best "Return" on your investment
Boomerangs made by John Cryderman are known world wide. Boomerangs with the Cryderman signature have secured the confidence of throwers and enthusiasts from around the globe. Many from Australia, the U.S. and Europe order boomerangs and throwsticks that carry the Cryderman signature. There are many good boomerang makers throughout the world making nicely coloured boomerangs that fly quite well. With the exception of large orders that require a mass manufactured approach all Cryderman boomerangs and throwsticks are handmade and hand finished. All are personally thrown and field tested before they are shipped to their new owners. Few of the Cryderman signatured boomerangs, the quality of manufacture and design of which are hidden through being painted. We're proud of our quality workmanship and functionality of each finished product which ultimately produces an item having a collectors appeal and subsequently a value that appreciates. We like to show off the beautiful woods we use and are proud of our hand rubbed finishes that allows each boomerang and throwstick to be as much a conversation and decorative item as they are recreationally functional.
In order to achieve and warrant the statement of "worldsgreatboomerangs" each Cryderman boomerang has the hands-on construction guarantee. Each boomerang is miticulously hand contoured, balanced, weighted (when required), and tuned (when required). The tuning process is key to the beautiful flights from the Cryderman boomerang. It is interesting to know that almost every detail taken into consideration for an airplane to fly properly is incorporated into the Cryderman boomerang. Not only is the stand alone quality workmanship significant compared to other boomerang makers, but in addition, each Cryderman boomerang incorporates the same or similar dynamics that are used to produce the worlds greatest flying aircraft. Weight displacement, wing efficiency, centre of mass and variation in torque is applied to each constructed Cryderman boomerang.
Cryderman made and endorsed boomerangs and throwsticks are the true Mercedes of the boomerang world. Thats why I allow my signature to be placed on each item made and shipped to you. After 28 years of boomerang making our motto still holds true and strong....................the Cryderman Boomerang is .........

the Best Return of Your Investment...............

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April 01, 2015

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